Monday, March 28, 2011

February 21st Email

Hey family!

Its been a great week! 3 Different people out of the families we are teaching are getting baptized this sunday!  Nacho-15 SUCH A FUNNY kid who is always soooo nervous!   Jose- An older man who is soooooooo religious and has been in his church for such a long time but Just knows this is Christ´s TRUE church here on earth. He KNOWS! i have never felt the spirit soooo strong than this week! Seriously. I left like... wow. That feeling only comes from God. Its just like the most peaceful yet giddy feeling. I can´t explain it.  And there is also another girl Karen-20. Shes getting baptized too! Its just sooo awesome being able to watch these people change their lives through the Gospel. So many of them say.. I just never knew that I was missing this. 

They are so happy!!!

Febuary is flying by! My companion who I love soooo MUCH is leaving this area because I need to Train a new girl coming in. She will either be from the states from argentina or from El salvador. Maybe my spanish will improve if I get a latin companion! I feel like iv kind of platuaed (i dont know how to spell that word)
I can communicate just fine but I cant really say everything i WANT to say!

I am so ready to make the best out of these next 3 months! I am just so ready to get out there and give it all I got!
I miss you all! thank you for your emails of Love and support!


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