Monday, March 28, 2011

February 28th Email

Hey family!

Wow. what a week. Well i went to training meeting. OKAY:  the assistant to the presidents. THEY need to have the preisthood so they can do interviews. BUT  i along with another hermana  will be training the other hermanas LIKE they do! Right now IM training a girl that just got here this week from EL SALVADOR!! shes precious!!! I LOVE HER SOOOOOOOO MUCH. we cant communicate everything want to say but its fun because we just Laugh our butts off! She doesnt get sarcasm...and I joke about everything and so its soo funny because shes so gullable. But so great! SO HUMBLE! so beautiful! 

Wow. what a ride it has been with my companions. Iv had 3 companions whos fathers have cheated on their mothers. And My companion Now...Hermana Tovar her Dad was very high up in the Government in El Salvador. He was Murdered a little over a year ago. Wow. I swear...what people have to go through just breaks my heart. Shes so cute though, shes just soooo great I LOVE HER!!!

Lets seee. MIRACLE of the week! José, THE MOST RELIGIOUS man I know... got baptized!!!! HE WAS SOOOO HAPPY!!!  He didnt want to for soooo long but finally he felt the testifying spirit of the Holy Ghost. I love him!! 

Hmm what else is NEW!! Not much....just teaching and walking and sweating!! I love this work sooooo much. I did have a strange craving for cream cheese the other day and just kinda got mad because there is just some foods that dont exist here. haha! But im loving the fruits STILL!! 

I feel like so many cool things happen everyday but then I forgot them all when I go to write emails! I need to go better at writing them all in my journal! I really love chile so much! I just want to apply so many things I have learned about their my future family! I love the foods! EVERYTHING is so fresh! And they learn how to live in small spaces.  

Ok. So Chileans are notttttttttt big on spicy things whatsoever. But the CHILE is spicy somewhat. Its called Aji. And i love it. So I went and bought some last week. I told him I wanted the spiciest one. So Last night I was soo hungary after we got home. So i Cut one up and put it in my pasta. And i ate part of one. And Got some type of allergic reaction on my lips. OMG. they swellled up and hurt sooooo bad! (I attached pictures) the girls i live with were DYINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG laughing. But i was seriously in HORRRRIBLE PAIN!!! Finally about 45 min later it was normal again. I had to put my mouth to the freezer ice!!

We also did a huge youth activity and invited a ton of people and had a d.j and A huge ice cream table. We got tubs of icecream and just dumped them on the table with a table cloth taped down and had cookies and candy and carmel and chocolate syrup. We thought it would be easy clean up... (with out having bowls and stuff) until they started a food fight.

but it was fun! A good way to unite the youth!

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