Thursday, March 25, 2010

Time is FLYING.


To begin...

- I want to thank you all for your donations and prayers. You will not believe what we have been able to accomplish. It amazing. Things are slowly starting to get back to normal but supposedly we have another one on the way. Could be 10 min from now or another year. But All is well, we are back in our secure house and things are going well.We still feel the aftershocks almost everyday..but we have gotten use to them.

News- I just found out today that I get to be with Hermana Egbert for another 6 weeks! Yay! We work really well together! I love her! We laugh allll day. Shes hilarious! We are back to doing a lot of more normal missionary work. Its amazing what this experience has done to actually help people. People have opened their heart and are more receptive to learning about Christ. We have 3 people that we have taught this week that are getting baptized coming up! They are amazing!

The work
-We have been doing a lot of service. Its a great feeling helping these people. You cant even imagine the things that we see. Its unreal. But we are able to help these people not only get back up on their feet physically but spiritually. I love watching people change for the better. It feels like we get to witness little miracles everyday. People from Chile think that we are crazy for still being here after all this and being away from our families...But i could not be anywhere else than right where I am. I love this mission. I cant believe I am already about 6 months through it. Time is FLYING.

Thank you again for everything! I love you allll sooo much!
Write me letters!!


Monday, March 8, 2010

Earthquake Fund

Family and Friends, much to say but its hard to put into words what i feel. I will be honest.. reality has hit and this country is going through a very difficult time. Things are picking up in my town, but every town surrounding is just destroyed. I was able to see some of them...and the news is not exagerating. Its awful. But we are doing all we can to help. All week we have filled up 2 liters of water (thousands) bagged food, collected clothes and done whatever we could to help. We have been feeling the aftershocks still everyday. But the problem is no longer the earthquake it is the economy. Most of the people lost everything.

I cant explain the feeling of holding a mother in your arms who has just lost her children...We just hold these people and give them all the love we have and show them we are here to help. I could easily breakdown but I know I was sent here to be strong for these people. They need smiles, they need to laugh..and they need that security to know that everything will be work out. They have No money. No Food. No Home. NOTHING. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints has sent trucks and trucks of goods which has helped THOUSANDS. But its a process trying to get entire cities back on their feet when they have No money.

I hope this is not inappropriate to ask, But I am going to start a fund. If anyone of you want to donate $5 $10 to this Earthquake fund Please send a check to

1105 Stratford Place
Keller, Tx 76248

I will then use that money to purchase food and goods from the warehouse here, to help these people. I feel so bad because us missionaries are so protected and we dont have to worry about going without food. In fact we are being overfed. But these People (especially in constitution-which is in my mission) are suffering. I would appreciate your help anyway possible. I will work it off when I get back!

I want you all to know that I have felt your prayers everyday. I am so protected here. This past week and a half has been difficult. Only because my heart goes out to these people. I never thought I would ever experience anything like this.

I love you all with all my heart and I cant wait to let you know things are back to normal. For now we will continue to serve these people and do what we were sent here to do.

thank you for everything,

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"All the missionaries are safe.."

Wow, so im sure you all heard about the earthquake. At 3 a.m. I woke up to my window shaking like crazy and the house started to move and we heard things breaking in the kitchen. JUST LIKE THE MOVIES...but way worse I have to say. My bed slid and I jumped to my companions bed we held each other and just prayed. We felt helpless...but someHOW we felt at peace. From then on people from the church were checking everyones houses in the city. Our church leaders wouldnt let us leave the house until all the roads were somewhat safe. THAT sure will be a memory I NEVER forget! Um im okay though! I love this church. We have food storage beyond last for weeks. Other cities...well they are not doing so well..but thats what were here for to help! I am doing fine! We have been keeping smiles on our face and IM sure the news is showing yall the worse. I got to talk to my parents which made it hard because I know they were so worried about me.

Some areas are horrible and Iv seen and heard some things I never thought I would in my life...but there is a peace that has come over us missionaries. We are here to help. We opened up the church since the day this has happened and have been cooking and feeding people who are sleeping at the church. We have water and electricity and PLENTY of food. ARE YOU KIDDING!? dO YOU THINK THESE CHILEANS COULD GO WITHOUT FOOD?! Were working on helping out the cities along the coast... its very bad there. Some of them that made it out ...are staying at the church. Some of them Lost everything. EVERYTHING.

I sure have become closer to my Heavenly Father. And I know that I am supposed to be here for a reason. I can still barely communicate with these people but I can hug them and help relax them with a smile. I think things in the city where I am in should go back to normal pretty soon... Just a lot of buildings are down. We moved into a different house yesterday...much more secure. The military took over for a while because people were stealing EVEN KIDS!! Im sure you have seen it all on the news..but things are okay here. We are feeling a little bit of the aftershocks here and there but its kinda become normal. ALL THE MISSIONARIES ARE SAFE. My 2 old companions were in contitution (which is one of the reallly bad areas) I am just so happy to hear they are okay. Im not sure whats going to happen with our mission...we might have some changes. I sure will have some stories when I get back. I wrote alot of them in my journal...but dont have time to write them all out in detail.

Just please know that I am safe! we have the most amazing people watching out for us! Please pray for the many people who lost their families. Several of them I know...
I love you all! I will write probably next monday! And dont watch the news!! Its too scary!!


Monday, March 1, 2010

Earthquake in Chile.

Hello, This is Monica. If any of you have not heard, there has been a massive earthquake in Chile where Paige in serving her mission. We did receive word that Paige is alive, not injured and doing okay. Her house is no longer livable and she, along with other missionaries will be living in a church building.
Please, continue to keep her and the people of Chile in your prayers as there are still aftershocks in that area. I'm not sure how mail will be reached to her, or if she has a place to email, but please continue to write her.
Thank you,
Monica Johnson