Friday, January 7, 2011

January 3rd Email

Hey family!!!

Wow. wHAT A CRAZY MONTH WEEK!  i HAVE ONLY GOOD THINGS TO SAY. To be honest im seeing a lot of changes in myself and im just really at peace..more than any other time in my life.  I have set some goals for myself to really be the best I cant be and do ALL i can do. I have realized how short the time i have here and i know i can step it up even more. I think the one really hard thing about being a missionary is you always feel like you can be doing more. It can be a little overwhelming.

I am pretty sure this will be my last transfer here in concepcion. I had an interview with my pres. on friday and he asked me if I would like to stay and train or if I would like to change sectors and train next cambio. I didnt really give him a real answer but Im kinda hoping to change and train next cambio. I only have 3 transfers left so itd be nice to spend them all in another sector even though it will be hard to leave where I am.

Christmas and New years were nice!! We had some great families help us feel right at home!! And we ate greaaaaaaaaaaaaat food!! This week I working with 2 younger missionaries. My president send them to my area so I could do some training with them. Sometimes I just feel so inadiquet ( i dont know how to spell that word haha)

I have really been able to communicate much better lately with the people. Im working on my accent..but I itll come soon hopefully.

i LOVED talking to my fam on christmas day!! It was sooooo exciting!!

I know being with a companion 24-7 will help me with my relationship with my future husband. Before my mission i was so independent and just liked doing everything on my own time and by myself. I have learned how much you can learn from other people if you let them be themselves!!

A mission really is a time to learn things I know I will be able to apply for the rest of my life!

I love you all thank you for your cards or letters!!

Hermana Paige Conley!!

December 22nd Email

Hey Family!!
not much to say this week!
Today i went to the beach! it was sooooooo fun and sooooo relaxing!! I love the beach!! NOt a single person was there except for us! I went with my companion and 3 girls in our ward that were recently baptized. 2 of them are twins and the other one is a lil older. Bet u cant guess how old they are. the twins are 15 and the other is 19. They are sooo fun and sooo close. Makes me miss my sisssy. They just lay on each other and just are soo touchy. So i made myself really comfortable with them!!

So this week we got to one of our appointments and they werent there so we had like a half hour to spare. So we went and knocked some doors to ask if we could sing to them. We knocked about 25 doors and everyone of them said no. So finally we got to this families house and the dad with his kids said Yes.. kinda with hesitation. Then the mom walks down the stairs with this weird look on her face and so i kinda got a lil worried. But then they just like had their mouths open. When we finished she was like astonished. Shes like... I never really thought people did things like this.. I though it was just in the movies. haha. SHe was sooooooo happy!! they loved it!!!!!!!!!! I think they will be the next family we work with!
well i better get off here. LOts to doo!!!
love ya yallllllllllllll paige

December 13th Email

Hey fam!
As it gets closer to christmas and I play christmas music (carey underwood, mariah carey..ext) I just think Ahhhh id love to be with my  family! But I know ill be there before I know it. Time flies. Ill be home in 5 months. Thats like NOTHING. 5 months ago was like when you got home from school i think. Idk

One of our investigators died. His name is jose. He´s the best guy and his family is amazing. His daughters are gorgeos. GORGEOUS. they have the best clothes. They look like they walked off a magazine. Breaks my heart.

I spoke and my companion and I sang at his funeral. wow. tough to see his family. ALL in black. Sunglasses. I felt like iwas in a movie. It made me so thankful for my family. I cant imagine losing a family member especially my dad.

Things are going well in the mission.Our traveling choir travels this week around chile to sing for the christmas program the mission is putting on. Should be pretty special. We have practiced for HOURS. and I have to sing Silent night ALONE. In spanish. AGhhhh!!  The songs we sing are like very choirish. NOT my voice. So one time during practice they were like ok just give it all you got. ANd i just pulled out a DOLLY PARTON voice and sang it. AND they all lost it!!!  It was so funny
I love this time of year. Its a little weird because its getting warmer and Chileans don´t really celebrate christmas like we do in the states but they try. hehe.

I just want to wish you alllllllllll a merry christmas!!  Thank you for everything yall do!