Friday, January 7, 2011

December 22nd Email

Hey Family!!
not much to say this week!
Today i went to the beach! it was sooooooo fun and sooooo relaxing!! I love the beach!! NOt a single person was there except for us! I went with my companion and 3 girls in our ward that were recently baptized. 2 of them are twins and the other one is a lil older. Bet u cant guess how old they are. the twins are 15 and the other is 19. They are sooo fun and sooo close. Makes me miss my sisssy. They just lay on each other and just are soo touchy. So i made myself really comfortable with them!!

So this week we got to one of our appointments and they werent there so we had like a half hour to spare. So we went and knocked some doors to ask if we could sing to them. We knocked about 25 doors and everyone of them said no. So finally we got to this families house and the dad with his kids said Yes.. kinda with hesitation. Then the mom walks down the stairs with this weird look on her face and so i kinda got a lil worried. But then they just like had their mouths open. When we finished she was like astonished. Shes like... I never really thought people did things like this.. I though it was just in the movies. haha. SHe was sooooooo happy!! they loved it!!!!!!!!!! I think they will be the next family we work with!
well i better get off here. LOts to doo!!!
love ya yallllllllllllll paige

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