Friday, January 7, 2011

December 13th Email

Hey fam!
As it gets closer to christmas and I play christmas music (carey underwood, mariah carey..ext) I just think Ahhhh id love to be with my  family! But I know ill be there before I know it. Time flies. Ill be home in 5 months. Thats like NOTHING. 5 months ago was like when you got home from school i think. Idk

One of our investigators died. His name is jose. He´s the best guy and his family is amazing. His daughters are gorgeos. GORGEOUS. they have the best clothes. They look like they walked off a magazine. Breaks my heart.

I spoke and my companion and I sang at his funeral. wow. tough to see his family. ALL in black. Sunglasses. I felt like iwas in a movie. It made me so thankful for my family. I cant imagine losing a family member especially my dad.

Things are going well in the mission.Our traveling choir travels this week around chile to sing for the christmas program the mission is putting on. Should be pretty special. We have practiced for HOURS. and I have to sing Silent night ALONE. In spanish. AGhhhh!!  The songs we sing are like very choirish. NOT my voice. So one time during practice they were like ok just give it all you got. ANd i just pulled out a DOLLY PARTON voice and sang it. AND they all lost it!!!  It was so funny
I love this time of year. Its a little weird because its getting warmer and Chileans don´t really celebrate christmas like we do in the states but they try. hehe.

I just want to wish you alllllllllll a merry christmas!!  Thank you for everything yall do!



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