Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Wow. Its been a pretty good week. I LOVE my new companion. We get along perfect! She is realllly easy going and we just click really well. She is really tall and skinny. Im really short and fat. haha No. But I actually went to a store today and wanted to try on this pair of jeans I saw. I was jumping up and down and coulnt get them up. Whatever... haha. Im enjoying the food here. Its a nice area so for the most part we get nice lunches.

So we had a HUGE seminar with the president and his wife and assistants to the president this week During the days until 6. IT was one of the best things EVER!! First off we ate amazing food! Lasana and enchaladas...Ahhh real american food. AMAZING! And because the President is implementing this new program we learned soooooooo much stuff. Our focus is on realllly helping the people feel the gospel for themselves through prayer and reading. Its what Iv been waiting for since my mission started. Its an amazing way to teach only using the spirit and just asking questions. ITS WORKING!!!!!! I love our new president and his wife they are great!!!! SOOO fun and loving! 

So one of our investigators claudia... had her interview this week with the zone leader to make sure she was ready to be baptized. She has a peircing on her lip and shes 35. Yah. So we told our zone leader to find a way to tell her to take it out. Technically she doesnt HAVE to take it out...but She would look so much better and much purer for her baptism day. So he was talking to her for about an hour because she really struggles with smoking also..but shes working on quitting! She went 2 weeks but then she had a cigarette the other day. Were trying to help her. Anyways so Our zone leader is talking to her in another room...and P.S. this family is like Latina Rednecks. They have 3 trailer homes connected together with boards and 19 people live there. Yeah, its sad. They are soo humble though. They fed us one day and we had fried eggs and rice for dinner. I loved it...Just because they were so proud to feed us. Anyways back to the story. So Claudia is in the other room and Me my companion, the companion of the zone leader and claudias three kids were in another room waiting for her. Her 2 youngest kids sabastian'4 months and alexas´3 have been realllllly sick lately. And when she was about to go into the room to do the interview Sabastian threw up allllllll OVER my backpack and one of my books. Like this was not spit up. It was chunks. TONNNNNNNNS. it took two huge towels to get it up. I just cleaned it all up cuz I could tell she was stressing out. It smelt sooo bad though we were like all gagging when she  went in the other room. I just kept thinking of this poor lil baby. So alexis (He´s in some of my pics) He was playing with me after I got all my stuff cleaned up and wiped off and Then all of a sudden he just throws up allllll over me. All over me. I just had to laugh. I love these kids. THEY HAVE NOTHING. They have hardly any toys ...they play outside in the dirt with marbles all day. They play this flicking game. Anyways...so that was the experience for the week with That family!

We had 2 people get baptized this sunday. Oscar (used to be addicted to marajauna and drinking now he has cleaned up his life) He´s AWESOME! And fransisca is the other little girl who got baptized...There is pics of her and her whole family attached! It was an awesome baptism. 

So the area that I am in right now is really tough. Like the people are very hard. I got my first door slammed in my face. Literally she opened the door and BOOM I looked at my companion Like...DID THAT JUST HAPPEN. And we just decided to laugh about it...or we would have gotten angry. Haha. Anyways, So I guess the past couple months had been really tough here for all the elders and sister because there is a lot of rejection and also because people are just really busy..(we are in the city basically) So the zone leaders asked president if He could send a sister here that was really Positive upbeat and Had alot of faith for the Area (becuase the missionaries were starting to lose faith) So One of the zone leaders said that President said to them, Im going to send you a Powerhouse then. 
I never ever ever would think of myself as a powerhouse because I just have such a language barrier...but Things are just going realllly well here! I know I am supposed to be here. ITS hard. But I love it. Its a whole different world than Linares. 

Our bishop is so funny...Claudia...the one that will be baptized this coming sunday if she doesnt smoke this week (please pray for her)...IS a heavy set woman. So when we went up to the 2nd counselor to the bishopric to ask him if he would baptize her because shes really nervous (cuz shes heavy) The bishop Looked at him and goes Um.. You better get a trainer this week and start working out. hahha. Aw.So mean...but it was funny. The bishop then went on to tell us that they once baptized someone that was 3 times the size of claudia...She weighed over 400 pounds. And 3 elders had to baptize her because just 2 couldnt lift her up out of the water...how sad would that be.
Pray for the people in chile.

Love paige.

Hermana conley

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Paige in Santa Sabina.

Wow...has my world changed. I feel like Iv moved to a new country. Its a whole new world. So much to say hmmm...where do I start? Lets see... My companion Hermana Jillian Rockwood is A'mazing! I am senior companion but I feel like she is because she knows spanish so well. We are in the city so the people are alotttttt more closed off but we are working with some great people. Its cold and rains like crazy. Like you have not seen rain until you have come to Santa Sabina. Cold and wet is what i am everyday. Oh and absolutly EXAUSTED. i feel like im pregnant carrying 7 kids up these hills. we literally walk up Mountians everyday. Im not exagerating. haha. But other than that its allll goood! I love it here! 
It was realllly hard to leave Linares this week! i HAVNT SEEN SO MANY PEOPLE CRY IN MY LIFE. It just shows how the Gospel can really bring people together...No matter if we are the same skin color, speak the same language, or are from completely different continents. My testimony has strengthened. I have realized how we really have the plentitude of the Gospel. So many people have gone from feeling fine to feeling SOOO HAPPY...and others have gone from feeling like something was missing their whole life...to now where they have found the truth.  We are def. working really hard. Yesterday we walked for 6 hours and did not sit down once. Last night when we were going to plan for the next day I about feel asleep during our prayer. 

Funny story. 

We are teaching this old man. Manual. He is 89 and wants to be baptized. He is very receptive but kind of hard to understand. Yesterday he let us know that he wants to go to church and find a girlfriend. He said in a redneck-spanish accent, ¨for years and years my daughter here has had to clip my toe nails. I wanna go find a girl at church that can CLIP my TOENAILS! We just smiled and he was like...NO im for real. I had such a long toenail the other day that it curled around my toe and my daughter had to dig them clippers down in there to pick it out. It took a couple hours. I wanna find me a girlfriend that will clip myyyy toenails.¨  I seriously go to his house sometimes just to be entertained. hahha. 

We are also working with Claudia who will be baptized this coming sunday and fransisca. They are awesome!! Then next sunday Fransisco and Antonia will be baptized! And the next week Ivonne, Edwardo and Camillia will be baptized! We have really been teaching by the spirit this week. Letting the spirit take over our words. Iv realized you cant prove the gospel to be true, like you cant just prove that there is a God. BUT you can have faith and pay attention to the spirit and then Heavenly Father will do the rest. We are humans, not perfect...and its really easy to want to have an answer for everything but THAT is when we have Faith. And THAT is when we will grow closer to our SAVIOR.