Tuesday, February 8, 2011

February 7th Email

Hey family!!
whewww im out of breath. I just chased down the empanada man. He sells these fried cheese things that are sooooo good with aji (spicy sauce)!! He drives around in his truck with a megaphone. they are amazing!!
How are you all doing!!
WOW. WHAT A WEEK. . One of the most exciting things of the week besides all the cool lil miracles we saw...was I bought 3 gallons of berries for 6 dollars. hehe. Yah and their all most gone. I have been eatting berries everyday and making smoothies none stop. I put them in freezer bags and stufffed them in our shoe box size freezer... Delicious RASBERRIES AND BLACKBERRIES freshley picked!! We also have been teaching a meeting a lot of new people! Its sooo fun! Its been a hot week! Def. Different than yalls week! SNOW?????
 We all have farmer tans! I´ll send you a pic of my companions feet! Its funny! There is not too much new to say! I cant believe these saturday I will only have 3 months until I come home! Aghhhh im scared! I dont rememeber what life was like before. Im probably going to be so weird. I have become so used to this lifestyle. I will say, I am excited to rest my feet. They are a mess. I have blisters all over them and they just hurt.

But everything is going well!
Iv been starting to run 1-2 miles in the morning... And it feels good. For the first time in my life.. I enjoy it. Its actually a time where I can just take a breather...and just feel free. haha

I am praying for you all! I love you sooooooo much!

Love Paige

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