Tuesday, February 8, 2011

January 17th Email

Hey family!
so iv moved! Im now living in a little town called San Carlos. It is from like a movie! Old old people are always sittin out on a the porch drinkin cherry coke in a glass bottle. love it. Sometimes I wish I had my slr camera so I could do photoshoots. I LOVE it here though!! The people are sooooooooo nice!! I have more energy than ever before. i just want to run from house to house. I just have a desire to share this gospel with everyone! I have see it work miracles on the lives of those around us. I just wish Everyone had this type of  happiness.

My new companion is great! She just got here but knows spanish well! We get along great. I am excited to work reallllllly hard these next couple months and just give it alll I have!! There is so many people out there just waiting for the gospel. There looking for that something They know their missing.. Or maybe they don´t even know they were missing it until they find it.
Iv seen that happen every week of my mission.

Funny/grossest experience of my life.
So were teaching this man José. José lives in a room made out of tin. It just has a bed in his room. So we teach him outside. José had a major drinking problem after his wife left him. He has such a desire to change his life. So we said we would help him. Monday we went. I could smell a little alcohol on his breath so I told him José, We want to help you and I know that the only way we can is if you don´t drink before we come so that you can have a clear mind. So we came back the next day... He didnt have alcohol on his breath but I asked him anyway. He said that he drank one glass that day. We talked to him for a little bit and he began to cry. He had not showered it what smelled like weeks. I am not trying to be mean but it was thw worse smell iv ever smelt in my entire life. I had to cover my nose and pretend to be itching it most of the time. And the wind was blowing the smell right towards us But I just love this man so much and just feel his desire to change. Then i look over and and this dog in his yard is ripping apart this skull of an animal head. And guts and blood are everywhere. And am starting to get gag reflexes. Normally blood and guts doesnt bother AT all..but i think combined with the smell I just couldnt take it. So I asked umm what is that animal head. And he´s like oh thats the lamb that they ate for dinner the other night. We talked to him for a few more minutes that left him with a prayer and said we would come the next day. We invited him to pray to have strength to make these changes in his life.The next day we came and he had cutt all his long hair. He had taken a shower and was completely sober. I wanted to cry.

I love this gospel.

Prayer is powerful.

I am so thankful for all of yall! I love you. I love this mission...and Im sorry I can only share bits and peices of the experiences that I am going through. But some of them just hit me really hard.

Thank you for your prayers and your kind words and for those of you that send me cards! I like NEVER get mail...but when I do.. .wow it just makes my day.

thank you soooooooo much


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