Wednesday, November 17, 2010

September 20, 2010

Hey Everyone!!

Wow, What a crazzzzy week! Chile celebrated its 200 years of Independance so it was crazy here!! FOOD FOOD AND MORE FOOD! And we ate like crazy!! Its also tradition to wear the Clothing from back in the day, so we went all out! It was fun, and we really got to learn and feel apart of the culture here in Chile. Did I mention we ate A LOTTTTTTTT!!!

I am back with Hermana Rockwood now, and its fun! We work really well and get along really well! We laugh alot! We met some great fun people this week. 2 infact happen to work for an oil shipping company or something like that and so they know english and  can speak it perfect!! They want us to come back to teach them tomorrow, so were excited! Hm What else... We had a girls activity this past weekend. It was fun! It was nice to just relax a little and have girl talk...
actually it was us mostly getting caught up on the people that were in our old areas that we used to be in. I love this mission. It really has changed my life. Its opened my eyes to soooooo many things. I still have the same personality, I still goof off all the time and have stuff spread everywhere because Im always working on something, BUT Iv really realized the importance of this life. How we need to enjoy our time here on earth. Have fun! But also cherish our family and put the important things first in life. I love the people Here!! They are soo great. And i love you all! I miss you like crazyyyy You dont even know.

But life is good. Spring starts today here.
Yayyyy hopefully itll start warming up!

p.s. Its a Law to have a chile flag out on the Independance day weekend so There is thousands of flags everywhere. Want to know something even funnier. Chile and Texas have the same flag. So, I feel right at home. hehe.

I love you

Love paige.

p.s. write me letters!! I never get mail anymore!!

Make sure you tell me if you dont recieve the pics I send.

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