Wednesday, November 17, 2010

October 25th, 2010

Hey fam! How are you all doing!! it was good to be able to talk to brit on friday and get an update of everything. Its hard wondering about everything... wishing there was more I could do from way down here. Until I can, I will continue to pray and do the best I can to send things and make calls when I can. 

Lets see. I had a rock in my soup.

Yup. Here I was just sipping away at the Typical Casuella. Which is soup basically made up of leftovers and OIL. and then I kinda bite down on something but it was big and hard. I tried to not let the lady that made it see... so I snuck it out of my mouth and looked at it. It was a rock. The size of a penny. haha. ohhh chile.

What else...
The bads of the week.
On saturday we were walking along a main road and there were these 2 little kids that walked by us and a few others right around us. Then out of knowwhere...this German Shephard just starts moving his head like around and around and Runs up and Just Starts biting me. My thigh. I wish I could say that it didnt hurt. BUT IT KILLLLLLLLED. I was in so much shock that I couldnt even cry. Good thing my thigh muscles are sooo strong. so he didnt break the skin. No.. actually it was because I head to layers on. So he didnt break the skin! And I am so happy or else I would have to go to the Hospital and get rabies shots (its a mission rule) So anyways, Everyone around ran up to see if I was okay. And then they called a bus over to come bring me to the consultorio....(the ER for the town) and they check it out and bandaged it up and everything. So that hurt.

But its starting to get better. Just verrrry bruised.

Other than that, I dont really have too many updates. Its so great because its starting to get a little warmer out and I just LOVE when its sunny out!! It just makes me That much happier
Hermana Conley
Paige Conley.
Concepcion. CHILE

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