Wednesday, November 17, 2010

November 1, 2010

Hola! Como esta!!
I dont have much time to write but I´ll give yall an update on everything! This week was good... A little hard on the feet but Good. I hit a year in my mission this week.. CRAZY.
Lets see. What new happened this week. I didnt get bit by a dog. But I do have 53 bug bites. I dont know why but when I get bit I get bit alllll at once! Im itching like crazy. I have cream so it helps!  Last night was halloween. Well Chile recently just found out about halloweena and so they are starting to do it. But its so sad because all the kids use all the left over costumes from the U.S from like 1992. I know you adults don´t think that that is like that long ago but It is. Sorry. hehe. But it was walk around and see kids last night in costumes.

I have realized that I am definetly getting used to chile. I feel so much more comfortable in someones house that has a dirt floor than someone that has a big house with leather couches. I guess I have just learned to appreciate how humble some of the people are. One family in particular. Just built a house. It is the size of my sisters bedroom at home. I walked in and just complemented them on everything from the sheets that were hung up to seperate the kitchen from the bedroom... to the old wood floor and tin roof. I love these people. Some of the lower class people have nothing materialistic but THEY LOVE THE little things. And so do i!!!! Most of the dads sell fruit from their trucks. AND if you know me u know I LOVE fruit. Especially strawberries. And Avacado!! I eat them by the pound! So everytime I just walk by their house the run to faucet clean off some fruit for me and run it out. I freak up and Yes I like to over exagerate. BUt its just because I reallly just LOVE these people so much! 

So yesterday in church was my favorite church in my whole mission. A bunch of the people that we recently helped get baptized were in one of the classes we have after sacrament and one of them began to bear his testimony how he never wanted to be mormon. He said he always had this fear of knowing that the church was true but he almost didnt want to know because he didnt want to change. He said with time he started to feel things he never had before and the spirit begin to convert his heart. Until one day he knew. He said I just knew. This really was christs church. I didnt look at him when He was talking because I knew i would break down and cry but I felt so great knowing I could help him in his progress. There were so many other people in there that bounced off of his thoughts and began to share how they recently have come to know that this is all true. It was amaziing!! I had chillls.

I love this gospel so much! It really mends a broken heart and brings TRUE happiness into peoples lives. THINGS...the World can not give. IT doesnt fase one with happiness for a few hours or even days... Its forever happiness.

Funny experience of the week.

So we were walking and we started talking to this 19 year old guy and were telling him a little bit about why we were here and figuring out a time when we could come by and teach him. Then these kids playing soccer kinda kicked to ball over towards us (happens everyday) So I looked at em and Im like ya wanna play? I was like bring it on!  So my companion and I dropped our backpacks on the ground and kicked butt for a little bit and then went on our way. They beg us to come back and play everyday because NOOO girls play soccer in chile. We fell like every 7 seconds though because we don´t have good shoes and we were in skirts. haha.  It was fun though!

thats all I got for the week! I love and miss yall!!! sooooo much!
Hope everything is going greattttttttttttttt!
write me!!

Love paige

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