Wednesday, November 17, 2010

October 11, 2010

Family and friends

The pics are of the beach and my two like besttttttt friends in CHILE. They end their missions in 1 weeeeeeeeeek! crazzyyy

Wowww what a week. Just flew by!! I feel like I just wrote u all!!
This is prob. my last week with Hermana Rockwood! She has been in this area for a while. We have had like 10 weeks together...But we work really well togther!! I dontk now what he is going to do. We will see. It all depends on the Lord. Lets see lets see! 2 of the people that have been going to church are getting baptized this week! Its going to be amazing. Two men. Two men who have made some HUGE HUGE HUGE changes in their life to get to this point! I am so excited to be at their baptism to just see how they feel after. A baptism can be sooo special especially when Those getting baptized are baptized like christ...with Immersion, with  an age of accountability and with the Authority of God.

Hmm Lets seee. Let me think of some interesting things to tell you about Chile. We kiss everyone to show respect. Actually we GET kissed on the cheek. Or else we get yelled at. Well we don´t kiss drunk people. Oh one thing I found interesting is they serve everything on a plate. Even if its just a little cookie. They put it on a plate for u before they give it to you. All drinks are served in a cup on a plate and everythingggggg else. just a little fact. It costs 70 cents to take a bus around the area. Sometimes we get it free because the bus drivers feel bad they we walk 3948729348 miles a day. We smile and say mucho gracias! hehe Im starting to like some of the music here. But Everyone knows that I can´t dance if someone knocked me with a beat... so I just pretend.

I love the latin culture. They people here are so welcoming IF THEY LIKE YOU. That usually isnt a problem.. hehe

My spanish is getting better. Only becauase Im getting better at studying. Iv realized I don´t like to study. I need to be using my hands making something. I just can´t sit and study words. I have also realized how much I LOVE to be with children helping them and teaching them to act and be someone... I love these people. I just love people. All kinds shapes and sizes. I wish everyone could have an opportunity like this to share something they know to be true... I just love this work. Don´t get me wrong, WE HAVE HARD DAYS. Days that we just feel like we want to curl up on the floor and cry... But it is sooo worth it when you get to realllly help people. It reminds you of why your hear.I know that before this life... There were people I met that I promised I would find in this life. I promised them I would help them. And Im finding them... I really am. And i have 6 months left to find the rest. Please keep the Chilean people in your prayers.

As its starting to get a little more chilly for you. Its starting to warm up a little bit down here. Thank goodness!

Here is my favorite lil chunks singing and dancing

These should get you to laugh. These girls are the bessssssssssssssssst!! so strong in the church and always reading and studying the scriptures.

love you allllllllllll

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