Monday, February 15, 2010

New companion!

Wow! This was the fastest week yet! I got my new companion on Tuesday! I was sad to say goodbye to Kory Williams. She teared up… I am going to miss her but I´ll see her at conference once befote she leaves to go HOME! My new companion is C. Egbert! She is hilarious!!! For example…There is 2 mcdonalds in chile. ONE of them is about 2 hours away in Talca. When we took the bus to Talca to take hermana Williams to get her other bus, we were craving mcdonalds. And so we were in the very back of the bus heading back home from Talca! And she walks up to the front of the bus and asks the bus driver, üm…small favor. Can you please make a quick trip to mcdonalds. We will run in really fast! Funny thing is we were like 15 minutes from mcdonalds! He is like i cant go that out of the way! She begged him. He couldnt… but we almost had him convenced. ANyways…thats her! She is hilarious!

This week was awesome! We talked to sooo many people. She is really helping me with my spanish because she has always known spanish ((her mom is from south. America))! She is very easy to relate to and I know we will always be good friends! Im excited to work with her because we are always happy together!

Funnies of the week…
I stepped on a dog. Um it was not funny at the time. In Fact it scared me to death. DOGS are everywhere on the streets. They sleep in the middle of the roads everywhere so normally you see them. Well i happened to not see this one and all of a sudden I hear feel this flip under my foot..and this dogs body like flies in the air. and it like literally flipped! I screamed and then kept saying sorry to the dog like he could understand me or something haha. I didnt hurt him.. i think i just scared him to death! haha..

Yesterday was a good day! We did a lot of service and they asked me to sing again in church. I was really nervous for some reason this time... because I had no music with me. FUnny story about we sit in the back because alot of people come in late that we invite to church and so we get to observe everything. So this old old mans phone goes off in the middle of church and it was sooo loud. And then you think he would turn it off really fast ...well instead he answers and LITERALLY YELLS, ´WHAT DO YOU WANT! IM IN CHURCH´ and then he starts carrying on this conversation hahaha

i about lost it. I laughed sooo hard (inside)! it was funny! As im writing this email this little spanish girl next to me is just staring at me. haha shes adorable. ... I keep looking over and smiling and she just is like investigating me hhaha.

I am so happy to be here in chile! I dont have a lot of new things tosay because everyday is amazzing and hard and wonderful all at once! I Miss everyone so much yet I know this is where Im supposed to be! Thank you for your letters! talk to you soon!

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  1. Hey Paige! I love reading your blog. i think I say that every time but it cracks me up. I wanted to go on a mission-I started filling out paperwork... but then I just had a feeling I should move back to BYUI.. then I met Jeff. The papers I think are still in a closet where I never finished them. Reading your blog makes me glad you got to go. I'm totally jealous cause now i'll havce to be so old before I can go!

    What is your real address? I'll send ya a post card!