Monday, February 15, 2010

Miracles Happen Every Day!

So its week 15 of the misión (week 5 in chile)! I am just loving this place. Sometimes I will just stop and look around and think to myself: I AM IN CHILE, SOUTH AMERICA! I love it! This week was full of miracles. First off I got a call from 2 guy missionaries (Elders) that I don´t even know who FOUND MY I.D.! They didnt even know I lost it or anything and they found it at the bus station like a couple hours north of here. They found my credit card too (which does me no good because I already cancelled it...but its just nice knowing knowone else has it) They didnt find my wallet or flashdrive or all the cash but....still My I.d. was my main concern! Now its in my HANDS! I will never let ANYTHING get stollen from me again. I am soooo protective now! So thats good news right!

I am just soaking up the Love of the Latinas! They are amazing. I love them. As I sit here and think Of things to write I cant even remember the struggles throughout the week because everything just always works out for the good!

Funny Moment of the Week: I was walking down the street...and i look over and there is Horse walking beside me. And I just looked at it and looked away...and then I looked back at it again and Thought...¨there is a horse walking beside me on the road¨ and then as the horse passed me...He was Pulling a guy on his bike. Just a man chilling on his bike as a horse pulled him....Sometimes I wonder what are these people thinking... hahaha...
but its all just normal now. haha We see some pretty strange stuff here.

Other funny moment of the week. The word for dishes I learned is the same word Chileans use for Butt in chile. SO THIS WEEK....I asked a lady if I could help her clean her BUTTTTT.

instead of help her clean her dishes.


So To all of you that get my email.
Please be thankful to live in the U.S. The people here would give anything to live in the U.S.
For most of them its just a dream....

My favorite Moment of the Week,
So there is a lady that lives near us with a family that just kinda takes care of her. She is deaf...So she cant talk. But she doesnt know sign language she make up her own noises and signs for things. It just breaks my heart because she doesnt have any family. I sat down with her for a long time the other day and tried to teach her through hand motions and pictures. The only way she could really communicate was through her face because I had no clue what her hand signals meant. It makes me tear up as I sit here and type because her whole deminer changed from when we first got there and when we left. She was smiling and just sooo happy! I just love these people! Everyone told me that when you serve a mission, you will develop a love for people like you never thought you could... and I am starting to feel the truth of that.

haha.. its funny also because as Iv been typing this email half of my words I have been typing have been in spanish!!! thats a good thing!! Im starting to catch on!!!! yayyyyyy

for a while there I felt like I was in an Asian Nail salon everyday. I knew they were talking about me...but I had NO clue what they were sayingggg. he he.

ANyways, thats all I have for the week!! Its been amazing!!! I love life! I had pizza today which makes life even better. No ranch tho... :( and the pizza is nothing like americas but it was good!!

lOVE you alll!!!
Cant wait to hear from you!!!!

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