Monday, February 22, 2010

"I love this work. I love life."

I am laughing right now as i Start this email because my companion just asked me if she spelled roller coaster right. She spelled it like rolor costor. SHE WAS SERIOUS! She is losing her english. Its funny. She will say to me…Do you shower want to first. I´ll be like what?? And she will say Do you shower want to first? Im like omg you really are losing your english! I love love love my new companion we have such a good time together! I have already learned so much from her. She is very good at telling stories and relating to people. But she also is straight to the point. For example…the one big grocery store they have here is called Lider. Its kind of like a walmart. The lines are like 25 people long. We were finally like 3rd in line and this man comes up to us and he´s like hey I got the staff you wanted (he was pretending to know us so that he could cut in line) And she looked at him and said, What. And he´s like I got the ketchup you wanted and she said, Um im sorry but I know what your trying to do and I have No idea who you are. And he said, Yes, I know you missionaries …one of you visited my house. And she goes oh what was her name and he said Igred. Hahaha we just busted up laughing!! She said,¨ Ingrid! Of all names you pick Ingrid. ¨¨ then we started to be really nice to him and he continued to lie. I have tos ay …that is Hermana Egbert SWEET but straight to the point. She is not gonna let nobody push her around.
I love her..but there is one thing she does I cant stand. I tell her this everyday. Haha She has to go to the bathroom like every 20 minutes, so we will go in someones house and she loves to stay in the bathroom for as long as she can just so she can listen to me try and carry a conversation on with a chilean when i have no clue what they are saying. She seriously just waits in there…
Ahhhh we have sooo many funny stories and work so well together!! This week we were teaching this really old old couple and they were sooo funny!! But they were hard of hearing so we had to yell when we were teaching. Not just Talk loud but literrallly YELLLL. I have to say, everyday is interesting in its own way. But We are doing so well! We have been doing sooooo much service!! And plan on teaching a lot of people this week!
I can´t Express in words how much my testimony has grown on this misiĆ³n. I have Developed a new love for my Father and Heaven and have SEEN the miracles that happen if you put your trust in him. This is not just something to teach. THIS IS REAL. This gospel Works miracles in peoples lives. I know this with my whole Heart. I know this church is true. We have the fullness and Whole truth. It is amazing to see peoples hearts change when they allow the spirit to touch them. I love this work. I love life. I LOVE chile! And I love and pray for you all! Thank you for everything!
Hermana Conley

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  1. We have heard that all the Missionaries in Chile are safe and accounted for after the large earthquake. Hermana Conley is in our prayers and we hope that this adversity will give her further opportunities to teach the Gospel to the beautiful people of Chile. We very much look forward to her next message. God bless!