Monday, February 15, 2010

I love this church, I love this work!

Crazy crazy time is flying! Today I found out that my companion is changing to a different area to finish off her misión so I get a new compañón tomorrow! I already know her because she lives in the same house as us and shes awesome! I am going to miss Hermana Williams so much but I know that I am being put with Hermana Egbert for a reason! Shes soooo girly and she studied in Italy for fashion for the past 2 years before her misión! So i think we will do just fine! We already laugh alllllll day long and make fun of everything! Basically we make fun of ourselves…because I tend to say some dumb stuff at the time. Like for example this week we ate lunch at this ladies house 2 days in a row. The 2nd day, it was the most amazing meal. I meant to say to her, ¨this meal was the best meal ever¨ but instead I said, ¨this meal was much much better¨! everyone died laughing because we had just ate lunch with her the day before... it was funny. I was kinda embarrased because she just looked at me like, Um okay. hahaha Good thing, latinos have a sense of humor. most of them atleast.

Im starting to understand a little better... As long as the people have teeth, i can understand most of what they are talking about. Yesterday this old old old man with no teeth was asking me about the texas, and he said, ¨that is right next to mexico, huh¨and I was like yes it is! And I THOUGHT is said, what is that river that seperates the U.S. from Mexico, its really big... and so i said, Ummm I dont really remember the name, but yes it is really big. Well as we walked out And i was talking to Hermana WIlliams I told her what we were talking about and she said, that he had really said, YEAH the RIO grande seperates texas from mexico. I FELT so dumb...I thought he was asking me the name of the big river that seperates the two. Gosh. haha

One of these days I´ll write ya´ll and say, YAYYYYY i know spanish. That wont be for about 4 months im sure!

Okay, so something funny is people here dont have much but most of the time they try and take care of what they have. 99 PERCENT of people dont have grass in their yard. PURE dirt. BUt for some reason they water it. LIke there literally is not a speck of grass in the yard but they water it....we cant figure it out. Oh and chileans.... everysingle one of them think that they are a doctor! If we have a head ache or a stomach ache they will tell us...Oh did you eat watermelon and then drink sprite... or did you eat tomatos with meat. ITs so weird they just make up stuff for everything... its so funny.

But im starting to really love the taste of natural foods. They dont season their foods here really but I am starting to enjoy everything...!

We had some really cool experiences this week! There is a woman we have been trying to Help. I love her! she has 5 kids and her husband left her and just got another woman pregnant.. It breaks my heart because this week she hit rock bottom! literally she like broke down right in front of us. We were able to calm her down...and we are working with her. I love her so much. Good thing hugs are universal because i just hug her her and want to give her so much love. She calls me ¨chicitito¨ which is little bitty. AHh i wish I had more stories, I just can´t think of what else happens throughout the week! Everyday is amazing! We had 2 baptisms this week. THe day was unforgettable! amazing!!!! I love seeing people change and watching how having faith in our Heavenly father can work miracles. It really can. I have witnessed it many many times! its amazing. I love this church, I love this work! I LOVE LIFE!

Oh and i love ice cream. Im obsessed! And people always like to buy us an ice cream cone just because! And i dont mind it at all. Ice cream cones are like fifty cents here...but they are amazinggggggggg!!

haha I just have to say, I am sitting here at this internet place and these 2 guys are sitting across from me..and they are trying to speak random words in english so that we will look over. Most of the words they know are like may the force be with you. haha. funny.

Oh and I forgot to mention..There are gypsies here. They wear long skirts and everything and they try and steal from people. Its crazy. THEY are so slick and try and do it all the time. WE stear clear from them! but its crazyyy!!!

ANyways, LIfe is good! thank you all for your emails and please forgive me if I cant write back for a little while! we have lots of packing to do. She leaves first thing in the morning!!! lOVE YOU ALLL!!! write me write me!! letterssssss please.
its so much better. i know i know. emails are easier. but I would love it!!

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