Monday, March 8, 2010

Earthquake Fund

Family and Friends, much to say but its hard to put into words what i feel. I will be honest.. reality has hit and this country is going through a very difficult time. Things are picking up in my town, but every town surrounding is just destroyed. I was able to see some of them...and the news is not exagerating. Its awful. But we are doing all we can to help. All week we have filled up 2 liters of water (thousands) bagged food, collected clothes and done whatever we could to help. We have been feeling the aftershocks still everyday. But the problem is no longer the earthquake it is the economy. Most of the people lost everything.

I cant explain the feeling of holding a mother in your arms who has just lost her children...We just hold these people and give them all the love we have and show them we are here to help. I could easily breakdown but I know I was sent here to be strong for these people. They need smiles, they need to laugh..and they need that security to know that everything will be work out. They have No money. No Food. No Home. NOTHING. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints has sent trucks and trucks of goods which has helped THOUSANDS. But its a process trying to get entire cities back on their feet when they have No money.

I hope this is not inappropriate to ask, But I am going to start a fund. If anyone of you want to donate $5 $10 to this Earthquake fund Please send a check to

1105 Stratford Place
Keller, Tx 76248

I will then use that money to purchase food and goods from the warehouse here, to help these people. I feel so bad because us missionaries are so protected and we dont have to worry about going without food. In fact we are being overfed. But these People (especially in constitution-which is in my mission) are suffering. I would appreciate your help anyway possible. I will work it off when I get back!

I want you all to know that I have felt your prayers everyday. I am so protected here. This past week and a half has been difficult. Only because my heart goes out to these people. I never thought I would ever experience anything like this.

I love you all with all my heart and I cant wait to let you know things are back to normal. For now we will continue to serve these people and do what we were sent here to do.

thank you for everything,

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  1. Sister Conley,
    I am so glad to hear you are safe. Hillary has been worried about the missionaries in Chile, and I know she is anxious to get to Chile and help. Godspeed to you and your fellow missionaries.
    Elizabeth McCOmbs