Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"I felt so at home"

Yay!! My second week in chile! Thank you for all your responses. We have to pay for Internet at the Internet café so i cant be on toooo sorry if I dont get to respond right away! We also have to pay to use the restroom!! Hahaha I just payed like twenty cents to use a toilet with no SEAT. Haha

Everything is going well! I mean, I´ll be honest this week was a little tougher for me. Its really hard not being able to comunícate. I know I just need to be patient but I want to know now! Haha I have been trying to study really hard and listen to people as they talk but then i find myself nodding and smiling when they are asking me a question and then i just look to Hermana Williams and she helps. Shes awesome!

So let me share a few little things about the week. I have gained lots of weight. Im still being stuffed…but im getting a little more used to it. Actually i´ll be honest, a lot more used to it. Haha. I eat alot. We walk the entire day! So when your always moving, you always are hungary. There is fresh fruit everywhere but I like their bread….so I eat A LOT of bread. One day last week my hands swelled up after lunch, I was hoping that Im allergic to bananas so I dont have to eat them anymore and it would be a good excuse haha….but It must be something else because the next day it did the same thing. So im not sure. Haha. It was so funny though, my hands looked like mickey Mouse. My rings wouldnt come off. But that happens to alot of missionaries..they develop weird allergies. We also get eaten alive!!! I have like 20 bites on me. My roomate got like 45 bites from flees and other bugs one day and she doesnt have nails so I X´ed them all for her…. I love my roomates. We have electricity in our house…its not bad.. but If you saw it .. you would prob die. Haha. But im perfectly content. One other thing weird about Chile is they dont put ice in their drinks! And their juice is really thick. Its hard to get used to! So all the drinks are warm. It is a treta if someone gives you ice cube. Then you get atleast one sip thats somewhat cold haha. Everyone hear makes me sing! And they love to hear and learn English! They asked me to sing the titanic song yesterday….that shows how outdated they are here! Haha No, they know some american songs but everyhouse looks like your walking into the 1960´s. No joke.
Yesterday we me tour first English speaking person! It felt amazing!!!!!!!!!! He was sooo funny. He has family here and it was sooo nice to talk to him in english. I felt so at home. He is here until march and he gave us his phone number incase we need anything! He was great!

Thank you for all your emails! I was sooo excited to see them all! I know i cant respond to all of them but I apréciate them so much. Sorry if some of my words are misspelled. Microsoft Word keeps changing them because its formulated for Spanish. But my address is-

Paige Corrine Conley
0´Higgens 940, Oficina 502

Mail takes awhile toget to me but I would love some letters! Also, I know im writing a mass email but if anyone has some good back strengthening excersises for me that would be great! I have to work out everymorning. Its a rule. (which is good) but I am having a lot of back pain so I need to build this back up. My mom just happened have very large breasts and I got that trait too….so its starting to wear on me. Haha. Just kidding.
But yes back exercises would be awesome!! Thank you!

I love you all sooo much! I think and pray for you always! This is an amazing experience and It is honestly the best decisión I ever made. I can tell there are going to be some hard days… But Your words of encouragement are so helpful!!
Love you alllllll!!

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