Monday, January 18, 2010


Its been a rough one…but Some how everything always Works out. First off I had my wallet stollen on the bus...pretty much from right under me. I walked off the bus and realized I didnt have it and we checked and it was gone! My knees went weak, I thought I was going to fall over. It had my mission debit card, My Own Debit card, my texas drivers license, my flashdrive with ALL my pictures on it, and (40 mill-chilean money) which is about 80 dollars. There bills are really weird here so thats why I had that much money with me. So its gone. I was sick about it at first. But I put a stop on my cards and There sending me a new one. But the cash and flash card and my texas lisence are gone. Whats really weird is right before I left that day I had this feeling to take my chilean visa (which whats keeping me in the country) and hide it in my house. If that would have gotten stollen I would not have been able to stay in chile. So im thankful for that. Everything is working out. My companion is the BEST. She is so selfless and has been helping me so much! She is obsessssed with dr. pepper (just like you mom!) and hasnt had one in over a year (They dont sell it in chile ONLY COKE) If someone wants to send me a Dr. Pepper for her, I would love you foreveR! HAHA Anyways, enough about the bad stuff... things other than that are good! I get to start over in Feb. cuz´I´ll get some more money put into my account.

This week has been great. I love it because EVERYONE HERE works at the COMPO...which is where they grow all the fruit! EVERYKIND! So you dont even ask someone what they do for work you just ask what type of fruit they pick. ITs awesome. All week Iv had the freshest berries! I eat really healthy here because We eat so much fruit and salad and yogurt and then at lunch we have full course meals. But the bread...ahhh the bread. They make it fresh Im obsessed! I eat bread all the point where Im like addicted. If im not walking with a peice of a food in my hand, I will STOP and get some food. haha I feel like thats all I talk about is the Food in Chile!

The people. Wow the people are soooo loving! Well most of them. One of the girls we help is a girl named KArin (the r sounds like a D) She loves learning english so I LOVE IT. But shes 18 and I LOVE HER. ONe day Im gonna figure out a way for her to come visit me! She is amazing! Yesterday we went to make breakfast for her. We brought all the stuff to make french toast because they don´t really make stuff like that here...and we were in her kitchen and I just developed such a love for their family. I just felt so sad that they live like that. They had NOTHING. Yet, They had everything. It just makes me realize how UN-important materialistic things are.

This week has been fun! We laugh all day and die of heat. Its so hot here!!!! But we´re fine. Oh yesterday I met a little downsyndrom girl with here mom and she hid behind her mom while we talked to her mom. And so were having a conversation with her mom...and All of a sudden she POPS out and YELLS ¨MICHEALLLLL JACKSONNNN¨¨!!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS HILARIOUS. She was adorable.

We were in this ladys home the other day with her little girl and she gave me this drink. And it was in a glass cup. It looked like water but it was kind of green and had little plants floating around in it and it was warm...and I was like Oh what is this....Except in spanish. And she said it was this drink she made up kinda like herbel tea. So i gave it a shot! I thought I was going to throw up. It was the literally the worst thing Iv ever tasted. And she kept asking me if I liked it...and I just like nodded...and I just couldnt keep drinking it, I thought I was going to throw up. So I just set it down. I hope she didnt get offended. I will just know to not drink those anymore...

On sunday I sang a solo in church. IN SPANISH. It was fun! I hope i sang the words right...People were crying all either I butchered the song...or got it someone right.
The church was full because it was only an hour because it was voting day on sunday (cuz of the president elections) !! they love their new President here !

Today we met 2 americans!!! the first 2 since being here! Wow it was the biggest relief. I couldnt get a smile off my face. It felt amazing to speak english with them! ITs crazy how simple things like that make y day now. haha. Anyways!!! I gotta go we have lots to do today! Im gonna go sing on the street and try and make some money. hahajk.

Interesting fact about chile-
you dont knock on peoples stand at their gate infront of their house and YELL: AHHHH LOOO

its funny...Iv gotten used to it.

LOVE YOU ALLLL!! Thank you for all your emails! write to me if you can..its alot easier cuz I dont get too much email time!

Paige Corrine Conley
0´Higgens 940, Oficina 502

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  1. same in ecuador--yell from the porch. so fun.