Sunday, November 22, 2009

"My heart was softened beyond belief"

Dear Friends and Family!!
So good to hear from you this week. I got hand written letters and dear elders!! WOW did they brighten my day. Please keep them coming :)

So guess what-since I am here during christmas...general authorites come!! We have already had some of the most amazing speakers. I want to tell you about all of them...but One was so awesome. READY TO HEAR THE MOST SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE??!! okay so dallin h. oaks wife came and spoke to our RELIEF socioty! How cool is that!! She was so sweet. Well the bestt part of it was that she brought a very special friend of hers... A girl with downs syndrome. This girl (prob. in her 20's) stood up in front of us and bore her testimony. So that brought sniffles to every woman in the room. THEN...they turned on background music and she began to sing a song. THEn she waved her arms to the Guy wayyy up in the audio box that controls the music and she said. HOLD HOLD ON. I need to start over!! and then she looked out at us and said, "Im sorry, I am just so filled with the spirit this morning" Right then and there-we all were bawling.. ..not just because she spoke with such a testimony and sang with her off pitch voice a song ....but because we alll felt the spirit FILLLLLLL that room. MY heart was softend beyond belief. That was one of the best times of my life.

So lately my companion and I have been meeting with 2 chilean elders (im not sure if i told you about him) But they are learning english and we are learning they help us a lot! they know a ton of english already. I GET SOOOOOOO gidddy just talking to them!!! I can't wait to be able to learn the language. They both just crack up laughing at me because I make up words along the way.!!!! One day I was like HMMMM fine! You think you can make fun of me!! SAY: SUPERCALAFRAGALISTIC EXPEEEALADOSIOUS. hahhaa They tried sooo hard. and we were dying laughing!!!! I LOVE THEM!!!

Guess what Alicia Hashey comes tomorrow!!! I CANT WAIT TO HUGGGGGGGGGG HER!!! We're not supposed to hug, but i might have to sneak hahha :) jk

So one thing we do is get with our whole district every monday night and plan for the week-this monday my companion had to say 5 things she loved about me. Her things were: I NEVER COMPLAIN, I have such a desire to learn, and I know everybody here already!! ( i definitely don't--but I just love meeting people and she has a harder time with that).

I miss you all.
I am struggeling in spanish...lets just say: learning a language is not my cup of tea. Ask me to paint a picture or do a photoshoot-i'll do it. Learn spanish in 9 weeks, UM def. going to have to put 100% effort in- and learn to trust the Lord...because I need him. I guess I'll leave you with that.

I am very tired. ADIDAS means something new to me now . Its not " All day I dream about SOCCER".....its now "All day I dream about SLEEP" I AM VERYYYYY ORGANIZED THO!!!! YOu wouldnt believe it!!! I PROMISE I AM THOUGH!!! Get on the website and watch the YOUTUBE VIDEOS: lifting burdens: the Atonement of Jesus Christ and What Matters MOST.
I love you byebyeeeeeeeeeeeee :)

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