Thursday, November 5, 2009

"I was welcomed with open arms"

Yayyy!! It's my P-day!!! And I can only write for 20 more minutes so excuse my spelling mistakes. I love those!! WOW! Do i miss you all. I am so sorry I didnt look back. Lets just say-if I did I knew I would have started crying. But, I was welcomed with open arms. Basically everything here is WONDERFUL (and I am not just saying that- I actually mean it!) This is the hardddddddddest thing I have ever done..but I have never felt so at peace. This is where I should be right now in my life. I have gained such a testimony of this gospel and how wonderful it is that we have the TRUTH! My companions and I are all so different (I have two!) But we all get along reallllly well so far. They laugh at me all day and think it's funny how I sing things and make funny noises and goofy faces. They are both very intelligent girls....and are helping me on my spanish!Anyways, I got to meet elder Uchtdorf yesterday!! He is just as wonderful in person!!! I loved it. I know he tans!!! hahhaa :) jk. Did you know we pray over 20 times a day here. NO JOKE. Before and after EVERYTHING!! And yes: IN SPANISH!!! I am progressing with spanish really well---Not as far along as everyone else..but Im getting there. Sometimes I just make up words hoping they work. Heavenly Father must have a sense of humor because sometimes he puts the right words into my mouth..and my companions will just die laughing-knowing those words did NOT come from me....seeing as i didnt even know how to say HELLO in spanish when I got here! (should have tried out that rosetta stone) There is sooo much to say but so little time. I am soooooo healthy!!! I eat sooo much and work out soo much! EVERY OTHER MINUTE OF MY DAY is spent studying. There is no time for makeup-or free time. FREE no such thing. It can be a little overwhelming...My companion has cried all day almost everyday. I don't cry anymore!! BUT I did cry last night when I got your letters. SO MANY people have written me...but I have only written you guys. I literrally don't have time to write...and we are only supposed to WRITE on on our p-days!! Man, This place is crazy!! Unlike any other place you have been to...Did you know the FBI just did an investigation on the MTC...and is now trying to imply the teaching methods that they teach here for International relations (foreign language study) What they really don't know is it is the spirit that is teaching us!! I have come to rely on my Heavenly Father so much.... I even bore my testimony in spanish on sunday in front on my whole ward. It is ALLL ELDERS except for my 2 companions and I! ya. WEIRD. but they are soooo respectful. They make me think of Hunter and A.J. and Chandler. I CANNNNOTTTTTTT wait for them to experience this. It is absolutly amazing. . . I wont lie. I am very exausted. I have not written or heard from Elder murray in almost 2 weeks. Its weird..but I think of him everyday walking these halls and between buildings. SO when jamie said he gained weight-I UNDERSTAND WHY!!! I weigh 109 NOW. compaired to the last time i weighed myself at 102. MY stomach is sticking out haha... I have not near as much time as Jamie did. Due to learning spanish. One of my teachers ONLY speaks spanish in class. I raised my hand and said, "um did I miss out on a pre-spanish class...because I HAVE no idea what your saying"... My district is Awesome. 12 elders going to Baltimore spanish speaking and CHILE! One of them is so funny...and they all are kind of trouble makers....somewhat. BUT all have a testimony of GOLD! My letters will give you more of my spiritual experiences... and please share them with whoever you can..maybe even type them up and email them to whoever you can. I just can't be on email very long : ( I have really tried to "set the world aside, and obey with exactness" If you slack off here--you will not be prepared for your mission and being thrown into a Foreign country. RIght now I have running through my head that I have to teach do 10 "door contacts" learn 50 new spanish words today. 10 phrases and teach the 1st discussion to 3 people by the end of the day!! Yes. Its crazy how much you can get done w/o a cell phone and a computer to distract you. OH and Lovely lunches with mother. I LOVE my family sooooooo much. You don't even know. I would type everything in spanish but It would take way to long!! LOVE YOU allllll..... and i'll be sending pictures sooon. Wow... this gospel is amazing. I have never felt more at peace in my entire life.


  1. i LOVE this!!!! so cool!!! i'm learning spanish and i bet she already knows more than me b/c it's so intense and that makes me jealous but it's okay b/c she's doing it to spread the gospel, which is AWESOME!!!!!!!! that is CRAZY about the FBI investigation! so cool! mormons are the best. p.s. i laughed out loud about the gaining WHOPPING 109 lbs!!! hahaha what a joke. she's tiny.

  2. Paige i love you! i miss you so much best friend! i need youuuuu! in the mist of those 20 prayers.. say one for me! i need it.. so much is going on... im going to write you another letter tomorrow and tell you whats been happening! just crazy stuff.. anyways.. continue having a blast! i love youuu and i'm so proud of you.. and dont worry.. spanish will keep coming more and more easily to you with every new day... its "supposed to be" the easiest language! haha!

  3. Paige is such an inspiration to me. I loved her could tell she was in a rush to share all her little stories and emotions whirling around inside her! But never enough time and she had to get back to the service of the Lord. I bet all the elders have big crushes on her :) LOVE you paige.

  4. Hey Paige, it's Huffman,
    all of us here back in Ohio are still thinking about you. I'm glad to hear you're doing well. I remember my semester in Italy, trying to communicate with my host family in Italian. Anyway, Mr. Young and I are really proud of you for what you're doing. Hugs from both of us. You're awesome!