Monday, September 27, 2010

Sepember 6th Email

Hello Friends and Family,
This coming weekend we are going to have a sisters activity! Im really excited. They are going to bring in all the sisters from the whole mission... 18 of us and were going to stay at the Presidents house with Hermana Humphrey (his wife) and were going to eat good food and have an activity and a testimony meeting. It´ll be fun! Itll be kinda nice to do something with just girls for a day or 2. We are getting worn out. Its kinda hard being here... Im just so tired. But its all part of it I guess. The ups and downs. 

This week one of the members (Yollanda) of the church died of cancer. She was just baptized earlier this year. All of her family came to the funeral at the church. There was so many people. We sang and I got chills ( my roomates are amazing singers- AMAZZZING) we all had tears in our eyes. The spirit was sooo strong. It really made me realize how life can just end at a snap of a finger. This life is a test. We are preparing to live with our father in heaven again. We should not procrastinate becoming closer to christ. I have grown to Feel and know that the scriptures are the Words of our father in Heaven. We have a guide map for our life. We just have to read it. . . and follow it Or we will find ourselves lost. Yollanda followed that map. . . 
Hermana Conley

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