Friday, April 16, 2010

A Little Story

So I thougt Id give a little update on some of the things I have been able to do with YOUR donations and your help and your prayers. The church has sent many goods and food and help in so many ways its unbelievable but Iv been able to help people more on a personal basis...the ones that do not want help because maybe they are embarrassed or feel they are just fine when they really are not...

So I will share a little story with you.

Gladys is a late 50s woman who lives alone in a little tiny house. She is such a spunky little lady always running around helping someone. She barely makes it from day to day...but SHE sacrafices in order to feed us missionaries meals almost everysingle week. She always puts her name on the list. And above that she finds a way to stuff fruit and vegetables in our bags for our `long walks` everyday. haha. Well her roof fell in during the earthquake making her house unlivable (if thats a word)

When ya`ll started helping, I was trying to figure out how to use the money wisely. I was able to purchase many supplies and things for people but Something just kept telling me to help her. I found a way to pay for her housing for the next couple months. I wanted to be a secret...but somehow she found out and found me....She cried and cried and wouldnt let me go. She said that she never thought anyone would ever do something so kind for her...but I told her it wasnt was my friends and family. She said to send you all allllll her love and gratitude.
So thats the story for the week.

thank you for everything.
Things are going well... we still feel after shocks of the earthquake..but im pretty much used to it...

I love you all.

more to write next week.
and i will be able to email more next week and respond to your emails.
love paige

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